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Coachella or as Julian Casablanca calls it on-stage  “Coachell-ee!” was absolutely amazing this past weekend just outside of LA.  A three-day odyssey of music, art & a super-hot California desert.. the festival was super-fun.  There were so many bands to talk about but the Gorillaz & Jay Z were by-far the most fun to watch.. Thom Yorke played a wicked set with Flea from RHCP as well.
We had lots of fun!  The area was gorgeous with palm trees & mountain vistas & the camping area was lots of fun at night +plus Spicy Pie Pizza made gooood pizza.. a perfect music festival all-and-all.. we’ll come back.  The New York Times wrote a great synopsis of all the music.. I agree with all of their mini-reviews of the best acts.. Owen Pallett gets a mention!

Coachella Music Festival, Ferris Wheel!!


Full Moon Party

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Ticked off the Full Moon Party off the world party list the other night.  This beast has got an international reputation for craziness.  The party happens every month on the full moon so it’s a must do for any trip to Thailand.

Met up with our Wales friends for the event which was on Ko Pha Ngan an island off the East Coast of Southern Thailand.  The party kicked off at about 9 pm and kept alive until we left at 6 am when the sun rose out of the sea!!

There were a lot of people taking big risks at the party mostly involving fire & alcohol.  Besides all of that people were genuinely having a good time with high spirits.. getting their dance on.. and finding out what their future beholds from the fortune-telling thai gypsies.   The music could have been better.. Thailand is stuck somewhere in the mid-90s and the most recent stuff was on heavy rotation.  We had a great time and got to see off the Walers and kind of mark the end of this leg of the trip.

I’m trying to get this video I shot up on Fail Blog called Fire Rope Fail .. it’s up on YouTube right now.. the guy in the video was totally okay .. but the tripping on a fire rope was a complete Fail!  Click here to watch

Also, check out this video of this fire spinning thai who takes a mid spin cig! (watch closely) haha  These guys are super talented and were everywhere during the Full Moon Party.