The Road Trip: Grand Canyon

I’m two steps away from a 2 km-down-sure-death-fail

Going through Arizona on our way up to the Grand Canyon we got on oold Route 66 (*built in the 1920s) which was awesome.. we stopped in a tiny outlaw town named Oatman which was filled with bikers and old-timely shops, mostly leather jackets and some hilarious souvenirs excluding Tea Party T-Shirts.. those were scary.  The actual road is in pretty bad condition but it takes you through the desert & mountains + donkeys stop you on the side of the road.. which is always good.

The Grand Canyon!!  One of the seven natural wonders of the world is a photographers dream landscape.  The only problem was it was really really cold and snowing as we ascended atop the giant plateau which is miles high above sea level… the low clouds were covering the entire canyon!  Luckily we stuck around and the clouds shifted so I got the chance to capture as many photos as I could before sundown.  Absolutely one of the most incredible sights along this long journey.. totally worth it.

Grand Canyon–2 billion years of exposed geological history

Sun sets over the Canyon