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Coachella or as Julian Casablanca calls it on-stage  “Coachell-ee!” was absolutely amazing this past weekend just outside of LA.  A three-day odyssey of music, art & a super-hot California desert.. the festival was super-fun.  There were so many bands to talk about but the Gorillaz & Jay Z were by-far the most fun to watch.. Thom Yorke played a wicked set with Flea from RHCP as well.
We had lots of fun!  The area was gorgeous with palm trees & mountain vistas & the camping area was lots of fun at night +plus Spicy Pie Pizza made gooood pizza.. a perfect music festival all-and-all.. we’ll come back.  The New York Times wrote a great synopsis of all the music.. I agree with all of their mini-reviews of the best acts.. Owen Pallett gets a mention!

Coachella Music Festival, Ferris Wheel!!


LA and Beyond

Sundown in Hermosa Beach

Last few days  in LA have been amazing!  We’re now staying down in Hermosa Beach (stayed in a great place).. the birth-place of modern surfing,  South of famous Manhattan Beach.  We biked about 40 km (there-and-back) up to Venice/Santa Monica on the first day down here… ran into my cousin Monica in front of her store, randomly, we’ll see her again on Monday after Coachella!  Super excited for that!

Yesterday, we also ran into ( randomly)  Gabe, our good friend  from T.O. who has been hitch-hiking/ride-sharing/coach-surfing around the Southern US for 3 months! We met up in Hollywood, got tickets to see the taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live a solid evening of free entertainment & potential stardom.. the Specials were on the show so we got to see them which was  awesome (where were Chay & Charlotte)!   Last night we drove up to a spot in the Hollywood Hills where you can look out over the city lights.. incredible view.. very inspiring.. check out the photo!

Coachella today!

LA city-view "Make-Out Spot"

Los Angeles, California

Hanging out poolside in LA

Made it to Los Angeles!  After a long journey over the ocean via Malaysian Airlines, who decided to make a random & unannounced stop in Taipei… We were greeted in LAX by Talmyn our limo driver.. Savannah’s uncle organized for our ride up to his place in Simi Valley! haha! We were in awe!  After almost 100 days in S. E. Asia + 4 airports in 24hrs.. it was an amazing gift!  Plus we stopped at In N’ Out burger which made the journey complete √

We’re now hanging out in Simi for the next few days.. spend some time with the family and then my own family will be in LA and we’ll link with them before we head down to Indio, California for Coachella!!  Feels a bit weird being back in N. America.. hanging out in a Target yesterday, it was soo quiet!  Definitely not Bangkok which is super noisy & crazy ..everywhere.

Look out for some posts of LA in the next few days and then our reports out of Coachella!

Savannah in the limo! haha so cool

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