The Road Trip: Mojave Desert

Mojave Desert: Arizona, US

Writing this post from home in Toronto… I took a few notes along 4000 km/9 day journey across the USA with my family.   First stop.. the desert!  Starting from Venice, LA we drove out towards Arizona or in other words the pure-desert.. no ones out here… it’s the most barren landscape I’ve ever seen.  Here’s a couple of photos I took from the car along the California/Arizona border aka the Mojave Desert.

Sundown in the Desert



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Coachella or as Julian Casablanca calls it on-stage  “Coachell-ee!” was absolutely amazing this past weekend just outside of LA.  A three-day odyssey of music, art & a super-hot California desert.. the festival was super-fun.  There were so many bands to talk about but the Gorillaz & Jay Z were by-far the most fun to watch.. Thom Yorke played a wicked set with Flea from RHCP as well.
We had lots of fun!  The area was gorgeous with palm trees & mountain vistas & the camping area was lots of fun at night +plus Spicy Pie Pizza made gooood pizza.. a perfect music festival all-and-all.. we’ll come back.  The New York Times wrote a great synopsis of all the music.. I agree with all of their mini-reviews of the best acts.. Owen Pallett gets a mention!

Coachella Music Festival, Ferris Wheel!!