LA and Beyond

Sundown in Hermosa Beach

Last few days  in LA have been amazing!  We’re now staying down in Hermosa Beach (stayed in a great place).. the birth-place of modern surfing,  South of famous Manhattan Beach.  We biked about 40 km (there-and-back) up to Venice/Santa Monica on the first day down here… ran into my cousin Monica in front of her store, randomly, we’ll see her again on Monday after Coachella!  Super excited for that!

Yesterday, we also ran into ( randomly)  Gabe, our good friend  from T.O. who has been hitch-hiking/ride-sharing/coach-surfing around the Southern US for 3 months! We met up in Hollywood, got tickets to see the taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live a solid evening of free entertainment & potential stardom.. the Specials were on the show so we got to see them which was  awesome (where were Chay & Charlotte)!   Last night we drove up to a spot in the Hollywood Hills where you can look out over the city lights.. incredible view.. very inspiring.. check out the photo!

Coachella today!

LA city-view "Make-Out Spot"


Santa Monica, California

Ferris Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier

Two good reasons to visit Santa Monica in Los Angeles.  1. Wasteland.. Savannah’s favorite vintage store.. who is dropping off these clothes??  2. Santa Monica Pier.. an LA classic with a giant ferris wheel, fishing rod rentals & a Zoltar electronic fortune-teller… rollerbladers in spandex along the boardwalk & a giant golden sandy beach + surfers & skateboards–every micro-culture & stereotype you know about California in one tiny section of the city!  Super fun day minus the parking-lot 405 we had to drive back through.

Savannah outside of Wasteland

Los Angeles, California

Hanging out poolside in LA

Made it to Los Angeles!  After a long journey over the ocean via Malaysian Airlines, who decided to make a random & unannounced stop in Taipei… We were greeted in LAX by Talmyn our limo driver.. Savannah’s uncle organized for our ride up to his place in Simi Valley! haha! We were in awe!  After almost 100 days in S. E. Asia + 4 airports in 24hrs.. it was an amazing gift!  Plus we stopped at In N’ Out burger which made the journey complete √

We’re now hanging out in Simi for the next few days.. spend some time with the family and then my own family will be in LA and we’ll link with them before we head down to Indio, California for Coachella!!  Feels a bit weird being back in N. America.. hanging out in a Target yesterday, it was soo quiet!  Definitely not Bangkok which is super noisy & crazy ..everywhere.

Look out for some posts of LA in the next few days and then our reports out of Coachella!

Savannah in the limo! haha so cool

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Checking Out of Asia

Ko Samui, Thailand

Finally, coming to that point where we can check out of Thailand and return to North America.  It’s been 3 months of travelling S.E. Asia + another 3 months hanging out in New Zealand, combined it adds up to along time without proper spaghetti.

We took a bus up to Bangkok from Ko Samui … oh so familiar with BKK.  The Red Shirt protestors are going at it again so it’ll be a timely exit on Monday.

Looking forward to meeting friends and family in Los Angeles!  Super excited for the West coast adventure ahead!

Full Moon Party

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Ticked off the Full Moon Party off the world party list the other night.  This beast has got an international reputation for craziness.  The party happens every month on the full moon so it’s a must do for any trip to Thailand.

Met up with our Wales friends for the event which was on Ko Pha Ngan an island off the East Coast of Southern Thailand.  The party kicked off at about 9 pm and kept alive until we left at 6 am when the sun rose out of the sea!!

There were a lot of people taking big risks at the party mostly involving fire & alcohol.  Besides all of that people were genuinely having a good time with high spirits.. getting their dance on.. and finding out what their future beholds from the fortune-telling thai gypsies.   The music could have been better.. Thailand is stuck somewhere in the mid-90s and the most recent stuff was on heavy rotation.  We had a great time and got to see off the Walers and kind of mark the end of this leg of the trip.

I’m trying to get this video I shot up on Fail Blog called Fire Rope Fail .. it’s up on YouTube right now.. the guy in the video was totally okay .. but the tripping on a fire rope was a complete Fail!  Click here to watch

Also, check out this video of this fire spinning thai who takes a mid spin cig! (watch closely) haha  These guys are super talented and were everywhere during the Full Moon Party.

Krabi, Southern Thailand

Beach front along Au Nang, Krabi

Krabi has been the best part of our Southern tour of Thailand, in my opinon.  The beaches were perfect, the coastal islands are easy to access and the town itself isn’t packed with sleazy tourists.

We stayed in town, rented motorbikes to razz around and check out the beaches in Au Nang & the National Park in Nang Bay.  The place has a real Thai feel to it with proper Wats (pictured below) and cheap food stalls & a massive night market.  The Au Nang area is affordable luxury with a layed back and quite atmosphere with a beautiful beach front and the best rock climbing and hiking in Thailand.. I’ll definitely be coming back—just to spend time in Krabi in the future.

Beautiful Buddhist Wat on top of a hill, Krabi town

Koh Phi Phi Pt. 2

Koh Phi Phi Harbour

This might be a cliché, but, few words can describe the incredible scenery around the Koh Phi Phi islands in the Gulf of Thailand.  We felt so lucky to be there and actually see it.. the most spectacular natural beauty in all of Thailand.  And since the Tsunami hit the islands with devastating effects in 2006, the Thai locals want you to go there more than ever so it’s super easy to access!  Here’s some more photos to mark the best part of our Thai journey.

Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi