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It’s been a while since I was in Chicago, but, reminiscing here I found my short time there incredible!  I’ve been here once before for Lollapalooza in 2009 which was one of the best music fests I’ve ever attended.

Chicago has many similarities to where I live, Toronto.  Chicago, however, has a certain personality that is so lovable.  First the city is beautiful especially the public spaces around Grant Park by the lake filled with interesting art and architecture doting the inner-city green-space.  The “Cloud Gate” aka the “Bean” is a beautiful sculpture next to the Chicago Art Institute… a giant mirrored.. bean… very photo-graphical.  And beyond that the classic skyscrapers densely standing tall along long stretches of the downtown.  In my previous visit I stayed in South Chicago which was pretty ghetto and felt a bit unsafe at times.  This time we opted for a downtown hotel… which worked out much better.  One of my Chi-town recommendations is to visit the neighborhoods such as Wicker Park, Uptown with Monterose, where there are countless sports bars and jazz/blues clubs.  You’ll automatically feel like a local and will definitely prove to be the best way to connect with the city.  Toronto, with all its similarities to Chicago is much the same.. I always recommend visiting the neighborhoods like Queen West West, Roncesvalles Village, Leslieville, or Little Italy to get a feel for how people live and work and party!

Let me know some cool parts of Chicago and I can include them in the next post!

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Cool Skyscrapers in Chicago

Cloud Gate aka The Bean


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